R. Steven Rogers Investigations & Protective Services

We are a full-service risk management and  consulting company, addressing the needs of individuals and business alike. Operating primarily out of the Twin Cities, we also provide detective, investigative and protective services across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota.

Proper investigations are time-consuming, difficult and often expensive. As the stakes increase, so does the need for accurate information and analysis. We understand the necessity of integrity and accuracy in any investigation, and treat each case with the same gravity regardless of scope. We have worked on numerous high-profile cases including federal civil rights, murder, and probate.

Taking a holistic approach to security involves analyzing risk, finding affordable preventative measures and evaluating their effectiveness. We offer a wide range of services to reduce many types of risk, rather than just providing guards. Prevention is almost always far cheaper in the long run.

One of our cases was recently featured in Time Magazine: Minneapolis Police Were Cleared in the 2013 Killing of Terrance Franklin. A Video Complicates the Story—and Now the Case May Be Reopened

Our services include:

  • Investigations specializing in legal support services including detailed case analysis, expert witness and consulting.
  • Protective Agents  Corporate, Executive & Dignitary protection, premises and event security, terminations & workplace violence prevention.
  • Physical Security (evaluation, lighting, door / window hardening, camera installation)
  • Security Consulting / Planning (business, home, travel)
  • Training & Education (First aid, CPR, pathogen protection & prevention, firearms, permits to carry, self-defense and Law Enforcement control & arrest).
  • Presidential / Congressional Campaign Executive Protection
  • Political campaign security / consulting including rallies & events
  • School District emergency management
  • Public event security and disaster management planning