We specialize in legal support services including detailed case analysis, expert witness and consulting.

We have been the Chief Investigators for a number of high-profile cases including the 2013 Terrance Franklin case where my work was highlighted in Time Magazine in June of 2021 ( ).
In reference to this case, Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman is quoted as saying we performed “extraordinary investigative work” ( ).
This case is now under review as of October 2021 for possible criminal charges and the involved officers have all retained counsel ( ).

I also was responsible for the investigation into the Dan Rassier case, who was falsely accused of the kidnapping and murder of Jacob Wetterling. This was a massive undertaking with the case file being around 40,000 pages. Our work led to a number of media reports and a series of podcasts about the failures of law enforcement that not only could have prevented the Wetterling murder but proved they had the evidence the entire time that was needed to solve the case.

Legal Support Services:

We offer Case and Evidence Analysis, Service of Process,  Surveillance as well as expert witness and strategic consulting services. We have experience in a wide range of fields.

Background Checks:

Businesses find that background checks on prospective employees reduce turnover and costs as well as liabilities. Many use them for existing employees as well when roles and responsibilities change.

Skip Tracing:

When circumstances require an individual be located, whether for Service of Process or other business reasons, we are there with current technology and old fashioned ingenuity.

Service of Process:

We offer Service of Process for everything from routine to difficult subjects. If it becomes necessary we can run a skip trace on the subject as well. An Affidavit of Service is provided on all cases.

We are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety / Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Bonded and Insured.