Pistolcraft, Inc.

I have taught firearms skills and the lawful use of force to a wide variety of persons and organizations, including but not limited to; civilians, police, fire, EMS, attorneys, judges, and the training of a military weapons of mass destruction unit.

The courses offered through Pistolcraft include a significant legal component; use of force statutes and case law, the legal ramifications of the use of force both criminal and civil, as well as other costs (emotional, financial, employment, personal) that come into play when force is used. All courses center on the basic concept that true self-defense is awareness and avoidance, and the use of force represents a total breakdown of your self-defense plan.

I have also conducted significant research into the psychology and physiology of combat, an area that few others in this field study or teach. I have also studied the use of rifle, suppressed weapons, and fully automatic weapons through study with a variety of instructors including Front Sight, Hero Gear, and Oleg Volk, in addition to extensive private training in several states.

Pistolcraft is a certifying organization under the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, being qualified to certify instructors under the Minnesota Personal Protection Act (MPPA)