Ferguson being used to foment unrest

I wrote recently about the potential of the Ferguson situation to spread to other areas. The US has a history of riots based on racial tension, many resulting from the heavy hand of government.

There are reports now of this situation being used by powerful people in media, government, and private groups to increase racial tensions around the country. Those reported to be involved include Al Sharpton and even President Obama.

Sharpton’s group National Action Network has posted a list of protest sites around the country. See the flyer here.

Another group calling itself “Ferguson National Response Network” has published a list of 82 US cities complete with graphics for what it is calling “planned responses”.

Organizers have created “proposed rules of engagement“. This is not a sign of people being outraged. When people and groups use tragic events to further their agenda, it is not a good sign. The media constantly are throwing around racial terms “white cop, black victim” etc..  Whether he is a victim or a criminal is not yet determined.

On Nov 5, President Obama met with “national leaders” including Mr. Sharpton. No one has any proof of what was discussed, but the meeting alone is suspect. According to Sharpton Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating”.  Link here.

So what does this mean from a risk management perspective? Professionally we recommend that you evaluate your area and the risk factors for your area. Is your home or business in a city targeted by these “rights groups” that seem to be attempting to use this situation for advancing their agenda? Have you taken reasonable precautions to ensure your safety or that of your employees?

There are many things one should examine; windows and doors, lighting, cameras where appropriate, personal security (vehicles, carry permits, first aid training, etc.), and more.

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