Minnesota’s growing surveillance state

When people talk about personal security, many think of deadbolts, handguns, and such. One area we are going to be trying to highlight on this blog is our privacy from the surveillance state. The government has proven itself too many times to be unqualified to handle our most sensitive information, and there is nothing wrong with using lawful means to avoid being stalked by anyone.

This article¬†is a very well done piece on the surveillance state by the ¬†Hennepin County Sheriff’s office. This is possibly one of the most aggressive counties in the country when it comes to collecting personal information on citizens who are not under any kind of suspicion. From Kingfish and Stingray to facial recognition, we are constantly being watched, recorded and tracked.

It is worth noting the article highlights police departments such as the Minneapolis Police Department flat out lied about the use of this technology. This is exactly why we cannot trust law enforcement to have the use of tools like this absent a specific warrant.

We will be posting more articles on the subject, and encourage everyone regardless of where they live to fight this kind of unwarranted surveillance of innocent people. The abuses for this information are myriad and potentially extremely dangerous.